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When many would-be Baby Boomer journalists were in their formative years during the 1960s and 1970s, the media was king, queen and the entire court. Powerful, profitable, newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television monopolized the message. Everyone kowtowed to the media. We all wanted to be Woodward and Bernstein and right the wrongs by exposing corruption and illegality.

The digital revolution exploded all that and the professionals who made it to the top of the ranks as reporters and editors of national and city publications and outlets found the rug pulled from under them. Years of rigorous training, discipline, institutional knowledge and ethics seemed valueless. But that was not true.

Going digital shattered the media platform and democratized it. The crowd now owns the platform, through websites, electronic newsletters, blogs, social media and custom publishing. In this age of a service and technology economy, marketing and even advertising have transformed from push to pull; from interfering with your customers’ day to luring them into your thinking. Thought leadership and content marketing are seen as a way to inform and engage the minds of the customer or community, to instigate an emotional relationship with them.

The Content Council 2015 Survey of 448 marketers and media members showed that content marketing budgets have seen robust growth during the past two years and that growth is expected to continue and accelerate in the years ahead. Seventy six percent of respondents predict that their already strong or extremely strong commitment to content marketing will increase 36% in the next two years. While 58% believe that content marketing is truly measureable, the study said the challenge of content marketing was evidenced by only 30% believe that their content goals align “extremely well” to their overall business objectives.

As former professional journalists, we seek to creatively attack the issue of aligning content marketing and thought leadership with your business goals. We’ll challenge you and ourselves to work together towards this end.

We see thought leadership as a subset of content marketing. Content marketing can be many things: Simple, funny, outrageous. Anything to engage an audience. Thought leadership, on the other hand, is writing or video exhibiting insight by a professional that can’t be gained elsewhere. It could be knowledge or analysis. It is not a series of advertising slogans, cute marketing language or business clichés.

There is no Blue Coast in the United States, and so for us the name embodies imagination, creativity and boundless possibility. Blue Coast Media Group will keep a vigilant watch on the digital media horizon and look for new and emerging tools to share the stories and messages of clients.



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We also call on top-tier U.S. freelance writers, photographers and artists, selected per client/project.