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We take pride in offering expert professional wordcraft services in the English language at fair prices.

We never charge by the word, only by the hour or by the project. Tell us as much as you can about how we might help you — including the scope of the work, the deadline, your budget — and we’ll come back to you with some options.



All of our original content includes editing and proofreading, as well as titles, headlines and captions, plus tags for SEO and cues for social media.

  • Original Articles
  • Original Blog Posts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Personal and Corporate Profiles

  • Speeches
  • Video Scripts
  • White Papers
  • Wikipedia Entries
  • Website Copy
  • Brand Collateral
  • Books
  • Press Releases


We have access to a professional network of freelance writers, photographers, artists and designers and can manage your project from the idea stage through final production.

Blog Management: Calendaring, posts, editing, images, titles, tags, SEO, social media cues. Placement of guest blogs.

Books and eBooks: We can write these, or handle a mix of conceptualizing, outlining, writing, editing, copy editing, proofreading, design, packaging, press releases, placement of excerpts and guest columns/blogs. Uploading and distribution of eBooks.

Content Marketing: We will work with you on a plan to write and place original, engaging articles and blog posts advancing your brand’s recognition and Google ranking.

Digital Magazines and Booklets: We can write these, or handle the post-author duties including copy editing, design, proofreading, production and distribution.

Print Magazines, Booklets and Brochures: A unified, one-stop shop, we can fulfill all of the positions on the masthead, from Editor-in-Chief to proofreader.

Print/Digital Newsletters: We will set up your template and calendar, and then write and edit a periodic newsletter to engage your clients and customers with information from you that they can use in their daily lives. Not an assembly-line production — we tailor these to YOUR business, YOUR mailing list.

Speech/Presentation: We will work with you to create expert, authoritative talking points, slides, print and web collateral.

Thought Leadership: We take content marketing up a notch with a communications strategy that will elevate your profile in your industry or field. We will work with you on presenting your ideas in bright, engaging copy that will bear your name.

Website Launch/Relaunch: We use WordPress to make beautiful, modern, high-energy sites like this one and, and can also create a simple Weebly site for small organizations and individuals. For more advanced sites, we will work with your developer to generate content.